I create dynamic event videos and commercials. I worked with UXPin, Dunkin' Donuts, Alior Bank,
Everytap and many others. In my work I primarily pay attention to visual aspects.
Everything has to be perfectly beautiful.

UXPin - You Inspire

To create this ad I had to rethink what might inspire designers working in UXPin. I figured that I'll focus on the design, modern architecture and symmetry in the city. To give the film more excitement I used subtle piano in the background, ambient sounds and slow-mo in most of the scenes.
„It’s not everyday that you get to see ideas that lived only in your head become reality. That’s what Adrian did for UXPin’s You Inspire campaign. He turned my broad ideas into a moving and inspirational video.” - Ryan Thomas Riddle, Sr. Brand Strategist, UXPin

Dunkin' Donuts Warsaw

The two-day event video from the press conference and the opening of the first Dunkin' Donuts in Poland. I used a very dynamic film editing slowing down and speeding up the scenes and focusing on the positive emotions flowing from human faces.

Alior Bank Conference

The event video from the conference and the after party of the Alior Bank Partners. The biggest challenge in making this film was a combination of two different parts of the conference into a coherent whole and to show all the attractions in one minute.


Everytap is an mobile app using iBeacon technology to discover best places in the city and unlock gifts for orders. I wanted to show how to use the app in a very dynamic and unique way. So I speeded up many scenes, add many color masks and a strong song that gives the rhythm.
„He’s the guy that delivers on his promise, and he does it extremely fast while keeping an eye on the details. That really matters. Trust him and you'll be proud of the results.” - Adam Pachucki, Co-Founder, Everytap
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Adrian Chudek
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