Commercial Video

I create dynamic event videos and TV spots. I worked with UXPin, Dunkin' Donuts, Everytap
and many others. In my work I primarily pay attention to visual aspects.
Everything has to be perfectly beautiful.

Dunkin' Donuts Warsaw

The two-day event video from the press conference and the opening of the first Dunkin' Donuts in Poland. I used a very dynamic film editing slowing down and speeding up the scenes and focusing on the positive emotions flowing from human faces.

UXPin - You Inspire

To create this tv spot I had to rethink what might inspire designers working in UXPin. I figured that I'll focus on the design, modern architecture and symmetry in the city. To give the film more excitement I used subtle piano in the background, ambient sounds and slow-mo in most of the scenes.

Everytap - TV Spot

Everytap is an mobile app using iBeacon technology to discover best places in the city and unlock gifts for orders. I wanted to show how to use the app in a very dynamic and unique way. So I speeded up many scenes, add many color masks and a strong song that gives the rhythm.
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Adrian Chudek
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